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Главная » 2013 » Октябрь » 29 » Online Meeting with Ben Harrington (Peace One Day)
Online Meeting with Ben Harrington (Peace One Day)
Today we held a Skype meeting with Ben Harrington, Peace One Day Ambassador. We were very pleased to communicate with such an intelligent person. During the meeting our students told Ben a little about our country and Braslav Gymnasium and shared some ideas about the celebration of Peace One Day in Braslav, and especially in Gymnasium. 

It was very interesting to learn about Ben's opiniion on different topics and the students aked him a lot of questions about the goals of the organization he repersents, about the factors that influenced his choice of career, his understanding of peace and collaborative work with different countries from all over the world.


Before the meeting we watched a film , made by Ben Harrington and his students. We were greatly amazed and couldn't help asking the author about the idea of the film and the actors. 

At the end Ben Harrington shared his plans for the next year with us. He is going to visit 12 countries in 12 months, and there's Russia and Poland among these countries. So we invired Ben to visit our town as well. And now we'll be looking forward to meeting face-to-face.

We'd like to say a lot of thanks to the organizers of this wonderful meeting Alina Luts, Manager of Education Team, Peace One Day, teachers of Braslav Gymnasium (Lyudmila Khilko, Olga Luksha, Cheslava Zakrevskaya) and the most active participants of the meeting. And we are grateful to Ben Harrington for sharing his ideas if Peace One Day events with us. 

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