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Главная » 2013 » Сентябрь » 27 » Peace One Day
Peace One Day
September 21st was celebrated as Peace One Day. Students and teachers of Braslav Gymnasium decided to join the celebration of this great event and held the Week of Peace. 
The Week started with photo exhibition "Messengers of Peace" , a lot of discussions devoted to the word "peace" were held in classes. Then an art exhibition "Kids, let's live in peace" was organized in the hall of the Gymnasium. One of the intersting events held on this day was an intellectual game "Peace Culture".

Sporty students decided to celebrate the Holiday playing a football match with their friends from other schools of Braslav. 

Perhaps the most interesting event for junior students was visiting kindergartens in Braslav where they told small kids about the importance of peace in the whole world. The children made doves together as symbols of Peace. 

It was really amazing to celebrate Earth Day and Peace Day in one day. The event "Plant a Tree" was held on this day. More and more students join this event every year. And on September 21st about 30 students from different schools of Braslav Region joined the action. They planted trees and bushes to make "Alley of Friendship" and to support the idea of peace in the world. 

That was the way we celebrated Peace One Day Holiday and tried to attract as much attention to the event as possible. We think that we managed to do it and a lot of people in Braslav Region will think about peace in the world and how to make the dream of all peoples come true. 

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